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Save time and money with Suplo – the smart procurement platform that lets you manage spend, no matter where you are.

They trust us
They trust us

How it works?

Here at Suplo we’re all about smart, smooth and stress-free procurement. With this step-by-step guide you can see exactly how our app works in real life.

Create RFQs

Create and send RFQs to multiple suppliers with just one click. With more quotes comes better deals.

Revise proposals

Sit back, relax and let the proposals flow in. Send feedback or revisions to suppliers in an instant.

Pick your favorite

Compare and review proposals in seconds. Found your favorite? Award the winner and then receive your order. Simple.

Take Suplo for a spin

Transform your business with Suplo – the smarter approach to procurement.

Do more

Suplo’s one-click functionality and intuitive mobile app lets you take care of business wherever you are.

Superfast RFQ and PO

Create and send RFQs and POs in seconds. Drag and drop files, or upload a picture with your phone.


Check out the procurement metrics that matter most to you, company wide, in real time.

One-click Ordering

Received a proposal you like? Award suppliers from anywhere using the Suplo mobile app with just one click. No need to hang around.

Add clarity

Add transparency to your company’s procurement process. Important data is presented clearly so you can see what’s going on, anytime.

Status Tracking

Smart status tracking keeps you in the loop, meaning you can stay on top your tender’s progress from start to finish.

Integrated Messaging

Our handy messaging tool lets you connect with your suppliers directly.


Set up fully customizable notifications for specific actions or requirements.

Take control

Control over procurement makes for a happy company. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to take the reigns of the entire purchasing process.


Say goodbye to nasty surprises – Suplo gives you a heads up whenever you’re about to reach your budget limits.

Team Managment

Effortlessly assemble and empower a team of procurement superheros, inside or outside your company.

Streamlined Approval

We make approvals as easy as one, two, three. Simply receive a notification, hit approve, and bingo – job done.

Take Suplo for a spin

Transform your business with Suplo – the smarter approach to procurement.

Success Stories

Suplo is an advanced procurement tool that allows you to manage and control spend – no matter where you are.

saved on procurement costs.

The Largest malt producer in North and Central Europe

“Suplo was able to help us to seamlessly integrate their solution into our company, and has since saved us over 4.7% on the cost of our barley procurements, that’s a huge saving for our business.”

time saved for procurement manager.

The primary Toyota dealership in Lithuania

“As a Toyota dealership, we’re required to follow LEAN policy very closely. Since we moved to Suplo, we’ve been able to free up 17% of our procurement managers time, and up to 11% for our suppliers.”

saved on procurement costs.

A boutique financial factoring company operating in the Baltics

“Suplo was quick and simple to set up and has brought everything into one place saving us time and money. We’ve been able to negotiate prices up to 34%, which has been great for our bottom line.”

Take Suplo for a spin.

Transform your business with Suplo – the smarter approach to procurement.

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